I have interest in the modelization, fabrication and characterization of nanostructures and nanomaterials for various MEMS and NEMS applications such as energy harvesting, sensors and microelectronic devices.


Based on the understanding of mathematics and physics, I am focusing on the modelization of micro and nano electro mechanical systems (MEMS / NEMS). I investigated the behavior and the working principle of various systems such as piezoelectric nanowires, piezoelectric nanowires based sensors and nanogenerators, micro beams and electro mechanical switches. In addition, my strong knowledge in computer science give me the ability to use in adequacy hardware and software to perform powerful and accurate FEM simulations which provide a more precise and better understanding of all the physics. It is a key point to get functional and optimized devices.


The understanding and control of fabrication technics and methods is essential to create functional and efficient devices. The design of microelectronic and NEMS devices have to take into account the various fabrication process and their qualities. Its gives a more realistic approach and allows getting the best result. that's why I am familiar with most of the basic microelectronic process (photo and e-beam lithography, sputtering, evaporating, etching, RIE, DRIE) in clean room and more especially with the fabrication of MEMS. Moreover I have skills in nanomaterial fabrication such as the growth of ZnO nanowire by hydrothermal chemical process.


The ability to characterize nano materials and nanostructure is essential to create and setup NEMS and microelectronic devices. I am accustomed to probe stations, SEM and specialized in scanning probe microscopy measurements and especially in AFM, KFM and PFM. It is very helpful to properly characterize nanostructures and get various information. It allows to better understand what have been done and what happened, giving key feedbacks for the design, the fabrication and the optimization of functional nano devices. In addition it is also important to discover and understand new phenomenon and behaviors such as the compression and bending of ZnO and GaN piezoelectric nanowires.

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