I am a researcher in the field of Nanoelectronics and Nanotechnologies who focus on the modeling, fabrication and characterization of Nano Electro Mechanical Systems (NEMS) based on nano materials. I am currently working on mechanical energy harvesters and mechanical sensors.

Personally I am passionate by computer sciences “Hardware & Software”. My leisures are video games and comics. I also like nature and sports practice such as the Roller Hockey, Tennis, Ski, Trekking and other sports occasionally. I like also to travel in order to visite new places and discover new things.

Why this blog?

When I began to write scientific articles during my PhD, I thought it might be good to do a professional website to put my resume, my publications, what I did and what I am doing. Research is, by some aspects, similar to the work of an artist. It is important to expose, explain and diffuse our work. For that, there are quite a few social networks like "Research Gate" or "LinkedIn" but there is not as much freedom and control than on its own website, for why I created my first professional website. Then I wanted to do a better one where I could also put some posts about my personal opinions on certain professional subjects. This is why I created this second website.

Thus I did this blog mainly for 3 reasons:

- Firstly, for my career. I want researchers, professors and the people who are interested knowing more about my work and what I am doing. I hope this website will help me to spread my CV and my articles.

- Secondly, to share my passions and thoughts. I want to tell you about my experiences and share my opinions and my thoughts. For now I have no editorial line but I want to focus on research topics. Research can be very complex and many people have no ideas on what I am working on. Therefore I would like to explain it to them, at least a little, in order to help people to understand the future technologies on which we are working. For this reason I will try to vulgarize some of my posts to diffuse them as much as possible.

- And finally, if I made this website, it is also for myself. I want to keep a trace of my work in order to have a better view of myself and my career. I hope this will give me a better picture of myself, to step back and help me to build my working life.

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